Searching for kanji by image/impression

The images of "bright", "intelligent" and "old-fashioned" and the motifs of "four seasons", "flowers" and "sea" are used in each of the following ways We have compiled a list of kanji. When you want to put your wish or thought into a name, such as "I wish you to grow up healthy and healthy" or "I hope you will be as kind as a flower Please make use of this service for.

Type in the Hiragana you want to use in your name and a list of kanji you can use in your name will be displayed. Meanings, images and other readings are also displayed, so use it as a Kanji-Japanese dictionary.

For example, if you search for "ka(か)", it will display all the kanji characters that are pronounced as "ka", such as "花、華、果、佳、歌…". You can search for your favorite kanji among them. You can find the kanji you want from the list.

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