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  • Those who carry on the blood of their parents. Children. Those who have not grown up. One who takes care of them. An honorific title or self-description of an adult male. An honorific title for a thinker or philosopher (e.g., monarch, Confucius). Other meanings of compassion or love.

    cute  honest  classic 

    Reading chika, ko, mi, miru, ne, ne, otoko, sane, shi, shige, shigeru, su, tada, taka, tane, toshi, tsugu, yasu,

  • Small, few in number or quantity, little, slight, trivial, trivial, insignificant, unimportant, juvenile, young, less than competent, treat lightly, a word used to humble oneself.


    Reading chi, chi, ko, o, sa, sho,

  • Moon, one of the celestial bodies visible in the sky, satellite of the earth, one month, year, month, year, monday.

    mystical  stylish  beautiful  cute  space  nature  autumn 


  • A general term for flowers and plants. Often refers to cherry blossoms. A metaphor for something shaped like a flower, something beautiful or gorgeous like a flower, honor, excellence, value, to flourish.

    cute  life force  nature  flower  spring 

    Reading hana, haru, ka, ke, michi, moto,

  • Apricot, the name of a fruit tree, karamo, a small deciduous tree of the rose family.

    cute  spring  summer  nature  flower  color 

    Reading an, anzu, kyo,

  • The plant lotus, a perennial plant of the water lily family, hibiscus, a deciduous shrub of the mallow family, the genus Fusarium.

    cute  flower  nature  summer 

    Reading fu, hasu,

  • A red apple, the name of a fruit tree. A word for a question or antonym.


    Reading dai, ikan, ikan, na, nai, nan, nani,

  • Mari, jasmine, small evergreen shrub of the moxa family.

    cute  flower  summer 

    Reading batsu, ma, matsu,

  • Sky, blue sky, heaven, big, wide, empty, hollow, lonely, poor, vain, vain, vain.

    wish  freedom  cute  generous  color 

    Reading a, kara, ku, ku, muna, sora, su, taka, utsu, utsu,

  • buds, buds of plants and trees, new births and future growths, blessing, budding, a sign of things to come, beginning, happening.

    nature  flower  cute  life force  spring 

    Reading ga, me, megu, mei,

  • Being beautiful, pretty, pretty and admirable in appearance. The appearance of color, shape, and sound in a pleasant way. Compliment, praise. (Food is) good, delicious.

    cute  beautiful 

    Reading bi, fumi, haru, hashi, ho, kiyoshi, mi, mitsu, tomi, uma, umashi, utsuku, yo, yoshi, yoshimi,

  • A flower blooms. Flower buds open. Laughing.

    cute  nature  flower  spring 

    Reading emi, sa, saki, sho,

  • Yuzu, an evergreen shrub of the mandarin family, a tool for winding a warp.

    nature  flower  cute  winter 

    Reading yu, yu, yuzu,

  • A member of the mossphrase family, matsurihua. Jasmine.

    cute  stylish  flower 

    Reading mari, rei, ri,

  • Stops, stays, looks still and motionless, delays, prolongs. Leave for later, long overdue, abort.


    Reading hisa, ru, ryu, tane, to, todo, tome,

  • Princesses, queens, daughters of kings, daughters of persons of high rank, honorific titles for women of high rank, beautiful women, beauty names for ladies, words for small or lovely things.

    cute  beautiful  wealth 

    Reading hime, ki,

  • The abbreviation for "cherry blossom," a small deciduous tree of the rose family, "Prunus pseudocerasus," "Prunus tomentosa," "pink and plum blossom," and "cherry color.

    cute  beautiful  classic  nature  flower  spring  stylish  color 

    Reading o, o, sa, sakura,

  • To smile, laugh, smile.

    cute  friendly  peace 

    Reading e, emi, fusa, sho, wara,

  • Peach, deciduous small tree of the rose family, peach fruit, peach festival.

    cute  nature  flower  spring  color 

    Reading momo, to,

  • A generic term for vegetables, blue leafy vegetables and leafy greens, a generic term for vegetables that are eaten in parts such as leaves, stems, and roots, a side dish.

    cute  nature  spring  summer 

    Reading na, sai,

  • The absence of a fruit tree. Deciduous rosacea.

    cute  nature  flower  autumn 

    Reading nashi, ri, rin,

  • To color, colorize, arrange colors, combine various colors, combine colors and decorate them together, pattern, to add luster, shine, light, beautiful, ornamental, appearance, figure, makeup, beauty.

    cute  beautiful  mystical  autumn 

    Reading a, aya, iro, irodo, sa, sai, tami,

  • Sprout. A plant or tree sprouts, things begin to happen, a sign, a happening, a beginning.

    cute  nature  flower  wish  spring  color 

    Reading bo, ho, kiza, me, meba, megu, megumi, megumu, memi, mo, moe, tami,

  • To tie up, bind, unite, join, bring together, arrange, bear fruit, fulfill, produce results, tie up, conclude, block, close.

    wish  cute  classic 

    Reading hitoshi, kata, kechi, kei, ketsu, musu, musubu, su, yu, yu, yui,

  • A general term for plants in the mallow family.

    cute  stylish  nature  flower  summer 

    Reading ao, aoi, ki, mamoru,

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