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  • One. The beginning of things, the first. Being the top. The beginning. A coherent thing.

    honest  leader  energetic  faithful  classic  new year 

    Reading chi, haji, hajime, hajimu, hi, hide, hiji, hito, hitoshi, i, ichi, itsu, ka, kata, katsu, kazu, kuni, makoto, masashi, moto, nobu, osamu, susumu, tada,

  • Large, wide, (in number or quantity), great, worthy, important. Excellent, admirable, very, exceedingly, a lot. (power) strong, long since, grade, high in rank.

    generous  energetic  healthy  life force  peace  aspiration 

    Reading da, dai, futo, hajime, haru, hiro, hiroshi, masa, masaru, moto, naga, o, o, oki, ta, tai, takashi, takeshi, tomo, yuki, yutaka,

  • Length, the length of a person's stature or clothing or objects, strong, firm, measuring the area or shape of a piece of land, a unit of length in the Shaku-kan method, an honorific title for old men and elders.

    healthy  energetic 

    Reading hiro, jo, masu, take, takeshi, tomo,

  • Abundantly large and thick. Words to accompany the name of a noble person, a person of high status (Taiko).

    generous  honest  healthy  energetic  life force 

    Reading dai, futo, futoshi, hanaha, hiro, hiroshi, masu, mi, moto, o, shiro, ta, tai, taka, to, uzu,

  • Very great, very much, outstandingly excellent, great.

    energetic  leader 

    Reading ko, kyo, masa, mi, nao, o, o, o,

  • Many, increase. To acknowledge, appreciate, or praise as something of high value. To win, to esteem, exactly, just that.

    energetic  wealth 

    Reading kazu, masa, masaru, na, nao, o, oshi, ta, tomi,

  • To fill, to reach a standard, to fill up, block, cover, cover, cover, fill in the deficient part, apply, fit, prepare for, or make much of.

    life force  energetic 

    Reading a, atsu, ju, makoto, mi, mi, michi, mitsu, mitsuru, shu, takashi,

  • Prosperous, brave, large, respectable, young, vigorous men, young people, men about thirty years of age.

    brave  life force  energetic 

    Reading aki, masa, mori, o, saka, sakari, so, take, takeru, takeshi,

  • Male, gender, adult male.

    brave  energetic 

    Reading dan, nan, o, onoko, oto, otoko,

  • A child, a young child, an infant, a young person, a child in the eyes of his or her parents.

    energetic  life force 

    Reading hajime, ji, ko, ni, nori, ru,

  • Bright, vigorous, clear, good, beautiful, splendid, sunshine.

    friendly  energetic 

    Reading aki, akira, atsu, aya, masa, masaru, masashi, masu, saka, sakae, sho, suke, yo, yoshi,

  • To cause plants and trees to grow briskly. Brisk, vigorous, excellent, splendid, beautiful, talented, virtuous, hardworking. Do.

    energetic  life force 

    Reading ari, bo, ikashi, mo, mochi, moto, shi, shige, shigei, shigemi, shigeru, shiku, sugu, taka, to, tomo, toyo, yuta,

  • A word that refers broadly to "boys", man, Refers to a husband, son, especially a young man.

    classic  brave  friendly  energetic 

    Reading aki, akira, o, otoko, ro,

  • to fly, to leap up, to fly so fast that one flies through the air, to exceed, to convey, to be high, to be high.


    Reading hi, taka, to,

  • Brave, strong, energetic, energetic, spirited, bold, graceful, brave, inspired, very strong soldier, soldier.

    brave  energetic 

    Reading haya, isa, isamashi, isami, isamu, isao, o, sa, soyo, take, takeshi, toshi, tsuyo, yo, yo, yu,

  • Light. Clear. The appearance of a bright, cheerful character. Beautiful without cloudiness or muddiness. Honest, rambunctious, clear of mind. It is high and noble. The voice is clear and clear.

    classic  brave  friendly  energetic 

    Reading aki, akira, hoga, hogara, o, ro, sae, taka, toki,

  • Summer, one of the four seasons.

    friendly  energetic  pleasant  summer 

    Reading ge, ka, natsu,

  • Horse, mammal, a type of domestic animal, a metaphor for something bad.

    nature  energetic  life force  autumn 

    Reading ba, ma, ma, me, takeshi, uma,

  • To arise, rise up, rise up high, lift up, begin activity, flourish, depart, begin.

    energetic  life force 

    Reading kazu, ki, o, oki, ta, tatsu, yuki,

  • Advance, advance with vigor, hold back.


    Reading aki, kuni, shin, susu, susumu, yuki,

  • Healthy, easy, sturdy, strong, healthy, a peaceful state of mind without worries, reassuring, soothing, pleasant.

    healthy  energetic  generous 

    Reading ko, michi, shizu, shizuka, yasu, yasushi, yoshi,

  • To be healthy, strong, strong and resilient, brave and energetic. To be strong, tough, tough and capable.

    healthy  energetic  life force  brave 

    Reading katsu, ken, kiyo, kiyoshi, masaru, shitata, suko, take, takeru, takeshi, taru, tate, tatsu, toshi, tsuyo, tsuyoshi, yasu,

  • Pile, pile high, put in a vessel, offering to gods and Buddha, flourishing, vigorous, much, broad and large, young, a full period in a person's life.

    energetic  life force 

    Reading jo, mo, mori, saka, sakari, sei, shige, shigeru, take,

  • Male in the gender of animals and plants. Superior. Strong, vigorous. Winning, vigorous, flourishing.

    brave  energetic 

    Reading kata, katsu, kazu, masa, nori, o, on, osu, taka, take, takeshi, yoshi, yu,

  • Clear, sunny, the appearance of a blue sky without clouds in the sky, the clouds disappear, the rain and snow stop, worries disappear.

    friendly  energetic  wish  nature  spring  summer 

    Reading ha, hare, haru, kiyoshi, nari, sei, teru,

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