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  • Ten thousand, a unit of numbers, an extremely large appearance of number or quantity, sufficient, every, various, all, anything, invariably, absolutely, no matter what.

    generous  healthy  space  freedom  wealth 


  • Heaven, the infinite space that covers the earth, the firmament, the universe, the world, nature, the laws of nature, the climate, the skyline, by nature, by birth, the ruler of the universe, the ruler of all things, the sovereign, the monarch, the sovereign son, the fate, the meeting of fates, the place where God exists, the topmost, the highest part.

    lucky  wish  freedom  peace  mystical  space 

    Reading ama, ame, kami, sora, taka, takashi, ten,

  • Derived from, based on, source, reason, to set an example, imitate, follow, or rely on, means.

    wish  freedom 

    Reading nao…, tada, yo, yori, yoshi, yu, yu, yui, yuki,

  • Middle, Exhausted.

    generous  freedom  space  leader 

    Reading akira, chika, hiro, hiroshi, hisa, hisashi, naka, o, o, teru,

  • Large, large in area or space. Be large.

    generous  freedom 

    Reading hiro, hiroshi, ko, mitsu, o, take, to,

  • Feathers, wings, insects or bird springs, feathers or wing-like shapes, counting of rabbits, units, help, helpers, assistants.

    lucky  wish  freedom  mystical  stylish  kind  peace 

    Reading ba, ha, hane, tsubasa, u, wane,

  • Sail, the sails of a ship, a cloth that makes a ship run with the wind, a ship that runs with a sail, a ship that runs with a sail up.

    summer  freedom  wish  aspiration 

    Reading han, ho,

  • Eaves, overhang, roof, infinite space, heaven, sky, mind, spirit, degree, soul.

    freedom  space  mystical 

    Reading ie, ne, noki, sora, taka, u, uma,

  • Wide, big, vast. Enlarge, excellent, splendid.

    generous  freedom 

    Reading atsu, hiro, hiroshi, ko, o,

  • branch off, forked paths, forked paths, second time.


    Reading chimata, gi, ki, michi, waka,

  • Sky, blue sky, heaven, big, wide, empty, hollow, lonely, poor, vain, vain, vain.

    wish  freedom  cute  generous  color 

    Reading a, kara, ku, ku, muna, sora, su, taka, utsu, utsu,

  • around, in every nook and cranny, all around, everywhere, without fail, to save, to help, to serve, to conform, to fit, to fit


    Reading amane, amane, chika, chikashi, hiroshi, itaru, kane, kanu, kata, makoto, mawa, megu, meguru, nari, nori, shu, su, tada,

  • Sea. To be broad and large. A place where many people or things gather. A large lake or pond. Wide in extent. A remote area, the ends of the earth.

    life force  stylish  pleasant  freedom  outside Japan  nature  summer  cool 

    Reading ama, kai, mi, umi, una,

  • Faint, faint, the spread of water, the way water gushes up, the way water is deep and wide, the way water rushes in, the way it is brisk, the way it is imposing.

    freedom  brave 

    Reading fukashi, hiro, hiroshi, hono, ko, takeshi,

  • To climb, to ascend to a high place, to climb on top of an object, to mature, to become, to pull up, to make rise to a high place.

    leader  freedom  nature 

    Reading chika, mi, minoru, nari, naru, nobo, noboru, nori, taka, to, to, tomi, tomo,

  • Flying, flying high in the sky, spreading wings and flying, walking here and there, looking back.

    cool  pleasant  freedom 

    Reading ka, kake, kakeru, sho, to,

  • Dance, dance, spin, inspire, encourage, toy, do as you please.

    beautiful  elegant  freedom 

    Reading bu, ma, mai, moteaso, mu,

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