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  • Large, wide, (in number or quantity), great, worthy, important. Excellent, admirable, very, exceedingly, a lot. (power) strong, long since, grade, high in rank.

    generous  energetic  healthy  life force  peace  aspiration 

    Reading da, dai, futo, hajime, haru, hiro, hiroshi, masa, masaru, moto, naga, o, o, oki, ta, tai, takashi, takeshi, tomo, yuki, yutaka,

  • Heart, feelings, mind, spirit, thoughts, chest, center of things, important.

    kind  honest  faithful  wish  peace 

    Reading go, gori, kiyo, koko, kokoro, mana, mi, moto, mune, naka, sane, shin, uchi, ura,

  • Heaven, the infinite space that covers the earth, the firmament, the universe, the world, nature, the laws of nature, the climate, the skyline, by nature, by birth, the ruler of the universe, the ruler of all things, the sovereign, the monarch, the sovereign son, the fate, the meeting of fates, the place where God exists, the topmost, the highest part.

    lucky  wish  freedom  peace  mystical  space 

    Reading ama, ame, kami, sora, taka, takashi, ten,

  • Shifting, times. A person's life, going on from generation to generation. Long time.

    generous  peace 

    Reading dai, ka, nori, shiro, tai, toshi, yo, yori,

  • Eternity, long, distant, far, far away, time and distance are long. Long, everlasting, the appearance of going on for an infinite length of time.

    generous  life force  peace 

    Reading e, ei, haruka, hira, hisa, hisashi, na, naga, nagashi, nobu, nori, to, tokoshie, tsune, yo,

  • Flat, the appearance of being uniform and smooth, without highs and lows, unevenness or slope, equal, tranquil, tranquil, unchanged, normal, usual.

    generous  peace 

    Reading byo, hakaru, hei, hira, hitoshi, hyo, masaru, mochi, nari, naru, osamu, sane, tai, taira, taka, toshi, tsune, yoshi,

  • Gentle, quiet, serene, calm, relaxed and unsettled appearance, reassuring. Soothing, inexpensive, affordable.

    kind  generous  peace 

    Reading a, an, izuku, sada, yasu, yasushi,

  • Feathers, wings, insects or bird springs, feathers or wing-like shapes, counting of rabbits, units, help, helpers, assistants.

    lucky  wish  freedom  mystical  stylish  kind  peace 

    Reading ba, ha, hane, tsubasa, u, wane,

  • Soothing, thirsty, or enchanted. To calm, soften, soothe, befriend. Combine, mix, blend, arrange. Harmonize. Just right, Japan. The sea seems calm.

    faithful  classic  generous  kind  peace 

    Reading a, ai, atsushi, chika, hitoshi, ka, kano, kata, katsu, kazu, masa, masu, mutsubu, na, nago, nagomi, nodoka, o, taka, tomo, toshi, wa, wataru, yamato, yasu, yasushi, yawa, yawara, yori, yoshi,

  • To manage, subdue, judge, correct, run, arrange, govern the world, cure disease or injury, compare, compare, help, flourish.

    leader  steady  faithful  peace 

    Reading chi, haru, ji, nao, nobu, osa, osamu, sada, tadasu, to, tsugu, yoshi, zu,

  • To preserve, continue in a state of being, protect, defend, help, nourish, nurture, rest, take care of, take on responsibility for, attend to.

    kind  generous  steady  peace 

    Reading ho, ho, mamoru, mo, mochi, mori, o, tamo, tamotsu, yasu, yasu, yasushi, yori,

  • gentle, calm, peaceful, restful, calm, secure, loose, large, spacious, prosperous, untroubled, free from worries, a serene state of mind, treat oneself to a treat, extravagant.

    peace  generous 

    Reading akira, hiro, hiroshi, ogo, tai, to, toru, yasu, yasu, yasushi, yoshi, yutaka,

  • To smile, laugh, smile.

    cute  friendly  peace 

    Reading e, emi, fusa, sho, wara,

  • Always, forever, unchanging, once, always, maybe, natural, normal, ordinary, ordinary. Habit.

    generous  peace 

    Reading hisa, hisashi, jo, nobu, toki, tokiwa, toko, tsune, tsura,

  • Peaceful, quiet, tranquil, gentle, calm, soothing, to make the world safe, to soften.

    peace  generous 

    Reading kiyoshi, nobu, osamu, sei, shizu, yasu, yasushi,

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