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  • Ten thousand, a unit of numbers, an extremely large appearance of number or quantity, sufficient, every, various, all, anything, invariably, absolutely, no matter what.

    generous  healthy  space  freedom  wealth 


  • A tool with a handle for scooping water or liquor, hushaku. A unit of capacity, measuring the amount of grain, liquid, etc., a unit of capacity, a single dou is about 18 liters in 10 square meters. Names of constellations, such as the Big Dipper and the South Dipper. Small, slight, few. Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly.

    stylish  space  cool 

    Reading hakaru, haruka, hishaku, hoshi, ke, masu, to, to,

  • Moon, one of the celestial bodies visible in the sky, satellite of the earth, one month, year, month, year, monday.

    mystical  stylish  beautiful  cute  space  nature  autumn 


  • Heaven, the infinite space that covers the earth, the firmament, the universe, the world, nature, the laws of nature, the climate, the skyline, by nature, by birth, the ruler of the universe, the ruler of all things, the sovereign, the monarch, the sovereign son, the fate, the meeting of fates, the place where God exists, the topmost, the highest part.

    lucky  wish  freedom  peace  mystical  space 

    Reading ama, ame, kami, sora, taka, takashi, ten,

  • Still, not yet. To be still. The twelve signs of the zodiac.

    stylish  space 

    Reading bi, hide, hitsuji, ima, ima, iya, ma, mi,

  • Middle, Exhausted.

    generous  freedom  space  leader 

    Reading akira, chika, hiro, hiroshi, hisa, hisashi, naka, o, o, teru,

  • Eaves, overhang, roof, infinite space, heaven, sky, mind, spirit, degree, soul.

    freedom  space  mystical 

    Reading ie, ne, noki, sora, taka, u, uma,

  • Star, star in the night sky, celestial body, year, passage of the moon and sun, important person, landmark, aim.

    space  mystical  wish 

    Reading akari, hoshi, se, sei, sho, toshi,

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