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  • Evening, nightfall, night. The end of the year and month.

    nature  generous  autumn 

    Reading seki, yu, yu,

  • Moon, one of the celestial bodies visible in the sky, satellite of the earth, one month, year, month, year, monday.

    mystical  stylish  beautiful  cute  space  nature  autumn 


  • Yellowish red, red pigment, vermillion, vermillion ink.

    classic  autumn  color 

    Reading aka, ake, akemi, aya, ju, shu, su,

  • A fruit of a plant or tree. Seeds of plants and trees. To produce a fruit or seed. Fill. To be full, to flourish, to be full, to have enough, to be rich. To fill, to bear fruit. Wealth. True, true and untrue. Truly, truly.

    life force  steady  nature  autumn  wealth 

    Reading chika, jitsu, kore, ma, makoto, mame, mi, mino, minoru, miru, mitsu, nao, nori, sane, sane, tsune,

  • Fruit of trees, grasses, fruit, end of things, finish, fulfill, accomplish, bold, courageous, as expected, reward.

    flower  wish  autumn 

    Reading akira, ha, haka, hata, ka, kudamono, masaru, o,

  • Autumn, one of the four seasons, an important time, years, crops bearing, time passing, past the prime of life, approaching the end.

    autumn  generous 

    Reading aki, akira, minoru, osamu, shu, toki, toshi,

  • Beni, kurenai, red, safflower color, bright red color, safflower pigment, a word referring to a woman.

    stylish  beautiful  autumn  color  gem 

    Reading aka, beni, gu, iro, ko, ku, kure, kurenai, momi, momi,

  • Horse, mammal, a type of domestic animal, a metaphor for something bad.

    nature  energetic  life force  autumn 

    Reading ba, ma, ma, me, takeshi, uma,

  • The absence of a fruit tree. Deciduous rosacea.

    cute  nature  flower  autumn 

    Reading nashi, ri, rin,

  • To color, colorize, arrange colors, combine various colors, combine colors and decorate them together, pattern, to add luster, shine, light, beautiful, ornamental, appearance, figure, makeup, beauty.

    cute  beautiful  mystical  autumn 

    Reading a, aya, iro, irodo, sa, sai, tami,

  • Cool, cool and pleasantly cold, chilled and lonely, unblemished and beautiful, clean, beautiful at heart, sad, sorrowful, grieving, melancholy.

    pleasant  elegant  summer  autumn 

    Reading atsu, ryo, suke, suzu, usu,

  • Refreshing, obvious, clear, bright of dawn, faltering, mistaken, wounded, impaired, lost, defeated.

    pleasant  summer  autumn 

    Reading aki, akira, sa, sawa, saya, so, taga,

  • Leaf, something thin and flat like a leaf, shaped like a leaf, a sheet of paper, divided.

    nature  flower  life force  autumn  spring  summer 

    Reading ba, fusa, ha, kami, kuni, nobu, sho, sue, sue, wa, yo, yo,

  • Bell, something made of pottery, earthenware or iron that makes a sound when swung around.

    cute  classic  summer  autumn 

    Reading rei, rin, suzu,

  • Abundant, plentiful, large, full, enriching, crops are good.

    generous  life force  wealth  autumn 

    Reading atsu, bun, hiro, hiroshi, ho, ho, kata, minoru, mori, noboru, te, to, toyo, yoshi, yuta,

  • The part of a grain stalk that bears flowers or fruit at the end of its stalk, shaped like an ear, spiky, or the tip of a spiky object such as a brush or spear.

    nature  wish  kind  cute  autumn  life force 

    Reading hide, hina, ho, minoru, o, sui,

  • To be clear, clear and beautiful in water and sound, clear and clear in the sky, pure and clear.

    elegant  pleasant  autumn  winter 

    Reading cho, kiyo, kiyoshi, su, sumi, toru,

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