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  • Large, wide, (in number or quantity), great, worthy, important. Excellent, admirable, very, exceedingly, a lot. (power) strong, long since, grade, high in rank.

    generous  energetic  healthy  life force  peace  aspiration 

    Reading da, dai, futo, hajime, haru, hiro, hiroshi, masa, masaru, moto, naga, o, o, oki, ta, tai, takashi, takeshi, tomo, yuki, yutaka,

  • Light, shine, honour, fame, scenery, Arisa. Large, wide. Blessing.

    friendly  lucky  wish  christmas  aspiration 

    Reading aki, akira, ari, hika, hikari, hiko, hiro, hiroshi, kane, kanu, ko, mi, mitsu, mitsuru, ru, sakae, teru,

  • Sail, the sails of a ship, a cloth that makes a ship run with the wind, a ship that runs with a sail, a ship that runs with a sail up.

    summer  freedom  wish  aspiration 

    Reading han, ho,

  • Rare. Fewer and more precious. To desire, seek, or beg for.

    wish  aspiration 

    Reading ke, ki, koinega, mare, nozomi, nozomu,

  • Gentleness, aim to be. where the mind strives to be, compassionate, kind. To know, to remember. To write down, record. A written record. A gift of gratitude or appreciation.

    faithful  kind  aspiration 

    Reading kokoroza, kokorozashi, moto, mune, sane, shi, shiru, yuki,

  • To tear up, cut up, push, press, push by hand, lift up, pebble, and print on paper or other objects with letters and patterns.

    wish  aspiration 

    Reading hira, hiro, hiroshi, taku,

  • The field, open fields, plain, sprawling earth, grassland, area, range, unadorned, as it is, natural, wild flora and fauna, suburbs, countryside, unopened, uncivilized, unrefined.

    generous  nature  honest  aspiration 

    Reading hiro, inakaya, iya, nao, no, nu, sho, to, ya,

  • To desire, wish, look far away, look around, gaze, look out, expect, fame, trust, confidence, respect.

    wish  aspiration 

    Reading bo, madoka, mi, mo, mochi, nozo, nozomi, nozomu, ura,

  • Win, beat the opponent, be superior to others, prevail, endure.

    brave  aspiration 

    Reading ka, kachi, masa, masaru, masu, nori, sho, sugu, suguro, suguru, ta, to, yoshi,

  • What you see as reality when you are asleep, what you hope to achieve in the future, pleasant thoughts to do apart from reality, ephemeral, uncertain, indefinite, unclear, unclear.

    wish  cute  mystical  aspiration 

    Reading bo, mu, yu, yume,

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