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  • A beautiful black colored stone, a letter written as a substitute for the number nine in a contract or deed.

    beautiful  gem 

    Reading hisa, ki, ku, kyu, tama,

  • Beni, kurenai, red, safflower color, bright red color, safflower pigment, a word referring to a woman.

    stylish  beautiful  autumn  color  gem 

    Reading aka, beni, gu, iro, ko, ku, kure, kurenai, momi, momi,

  • Pearls, small, round balls like pearls, a metaphor for something beautiful and splendid.

    elegant  beautiful  gem 

    Reading ju, mi, shu, su, tama, zu,

  • The name of the jewel, lapis lazuli, a deep blue to indigo gemstone, one of the cloisonné jewels.

    beautiful  stylish  mystical  color  gem 

    Reading ru, ryu,

  • Beautiful, transparent jade, crystal, jade light, transparent, beautiful stone.

    beautiful  gem 

    Reading aki, akira, e, ei, teru,

  • Bright, shining, luminous, apparent, name of a mineral.

    friendly  winter  gem 

    Reading aki, akira, masa, sho, teru,

  • Beryl, a beautiful blue gemstone, beryl, lapis lazuli.

    elegant  cute  beautiful  stylish  mystical  color  gem 

    Reading ru,

  • Name of the gemstone "lapis lazuli" , one of the cloisonne treasures, crystal, glass.

    beautiful  stylish  mystical  color  gem 

    Reading aki, ri,

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