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  • Friend. Friends. The state of being close to each other. The state of helping each other.


    Reading suke, tomo, yu, yu,

  • Heart, feelings, mind, spirit, thoughts, chest, center of things, important.

    kind  honest  faithful  wish  peace 

    Reading go, gori, kiyo, koko, kokoro, mana, mi, moto, mune, naka, sane, shin, uchi, ura,

  • dress, silk, jacket, kimono, ceremonial dress, vestments, wrapping, many, wear, wrap, put on.


    Reading e, i, ki, kinu, koromo, miso, so,

  • Gentle, quiet, serene, calm, relaxed and unsettled appearance, reassuring. Soothing, inexpensive, affordable.

    kind  generous  peace 

    Reading a, an, izuku, sada, yasu, yasushi,

  • Feathers, wings, insects or bird springs, feathers or wing-like shapes, counting of rabbits, units, help, helpers, assistants.

    lucky  wish  freedom  mystical  stylish  kind  peace 

    Reading ba, ha, hane, tsubasa, u, wane,

  • A place where people live, village. The countryside, hometown. The family home of a wife or son-in-law. A mansion, where one lives one's daily life.


    Reading nori, ri, sato, satoru, satoshi,

  • Gentleness, aim to be. where the mind strives to be, compassionate, kind. To know, to remember. To write down, record. A written record. A gift of gratitude or appreciation.

    faithful  kind  aspiration 

    Reading kokoroza, kokorozashi, moto, mune, sane, shi, shiru, yuki,

  • Help, protect. Protect and help.


    Reading suke, tasu, tasuku, u, yu, yu,

  • To cherish one's parents, to cherish one's ancestors, to treat one's ancestors generously, one who has inherited ideas, goals, etc., from one's parents or ancestors.

    wish  honest  kind 

    Reading atsu, atsushi, ko, kyo, michi, moto, nari, nori, taka, takashi, yoshi, yuki,

  • To help, lend strength, get out of harm's way, save, aid.


    Reading hiro, jo, masu, suke, tasu, tasuku,

  • Soothing, thirsty, or enchanted. To calm, soften, soothe, befriend. Combine, mix, blend, arrange. Harmonize. Just right, Japan. The sea seems calm.

    faithful  classic  generous  kind  peace 

    Reading a, ai, atsushi, chika, hitoshi, ka, kano, kata, katsu, kazu, masa, masu, mutsubu, na, nago, nagomi, nodoka, o, taka, tomo, toshi, wa, wataru, yamato, yasu, yasushi, yawa, yawara, yori, yoshi,

  • Walking, moving forward, the flow of the months, the progress of things, progress.

    generous  kind  honest  steady 

    Reading aru, ayu, ayumi, ayumu, bu, fu, ho, susumu,

  • help, protect, lend a helping hand, offer food and drink, reward, thank, forgive, forgive sins, etc.


    Reading atsumu, muku, suke, susu, susumu, tasu, tasuku, u, yu, yu, yuki, yuru,

  • Friends, associates, companions of the same purpose, vs. a pair, combination (of two things).


    Reading ho, nakama, tomo,

  • To preserve, continue in a state of being, protect, defend, help, nourish, nurture, rest, take care of, take on responsibility for, attend to.

    kind  generous  steady  peace 

    Reading ho, ho, mamoru, mo, mochi, mori, o, tamo, tamotsu, yasu, yasu, yasushi, yori,

  • Wind, the flow of air, to inspire, a practice or style, the state of the world, a figure, a mood, a taste, a figure, a look, a landscape, a swift wind, a wind's touch, to be conveyed in an offhanded way, to say in a roundabout way.

    pleasant  nature  kind  generous 

    Reading fu, fu, furi, ka, kaza, kaze, narawashi, sugata,

  • Pure, raw thread, unblemished, unadorned, unadorned, untrue, unadulterated, natural.

    honest  kind  pleasant  winter 

    Reading atsu, atsushi, aya, itaru, ito, jun, kito, kiyoshi, makoto, sumi, sunao, to, tsuna, yoshi,

  • Distant in time or space, far, eternal. The appearance of going on forever. The appearance of being slow, leisurely, idyllic. slow, unhurried.

    kind  generous 

    Reading chika, chikashi, haru, haruka, hisa, hisashi, to, yu, yu,

  • Thick, deep-hearted, meek, unpretentious, pure, sincere.

    kind  honest 

    Reading aki, atsu, atsushi, jun, kiyo, kiyoshi, makoto, nu, suna, sunao, tadashi, toshi, yoshi,

  • Love, cherish, love. To draw one's heart to a particular person, to be attracted to them. Beloved.

    cute  wish  kind 

    Reading a, ai, aki, chika, chikashi, e, hide, ito, kana, mana, manami, me, megumu, nari, naru, nori, o, sane, tsune, u, yasu, yori, yoshi, yoshimi,

  • Loose, relaxed and spacious, open-minded, spacious, not harsh in attitude, loose and laid-back, forgiving, relaxed, laid back, resting.

    generous  kind 

    Reading chika, hiro, hiroshi, hito, kan, kutsuro, moto, mune, nobu, nori, o, oki, to, tomi, tomo, tora, yoshi, yuru, yutaka,

  • To help, to add strength.


    Reading fu, ho, suke, tasu, tasuke, tasuku, yu,

  • Softly, a state of calmness of mind, to be soothing, to appear intimate, to be hearty, rather.

    generous  kind 

    Reading dei, izuku, mushi, nan, ne, nei, nengo, nyo, sada, shizu, yasu, yasushi,

  • The part of a grain stalk that bears flowers or fruit at the end of its stalk, shaped like an ear, spiky, or the tip of a spiky object such as a brush or spear.

    nature  wish  kind  cute  autumn  life force 

    Reading hide, hina, ho, minoru, o, sui,

  • Thick, humane, compassionate, generous, enthusiastic, kind, polite, considerate, sickly.

    faithful  kind 

    Reading atsu, atsumi, atsumu, atsushi, hiro, shige, sumi, taka, takashi, toku,

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