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Female TOP 100 most popular names

Popular Name Readings

It is popular for its cute and fluffy sounds, such as Honoka(ほのか), Riko(りこ), Hina(ひな) and Mio(みお).

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Hiragana names are cute too

Many girls also use only hiragana names, with names like "Sakura(さくら)" and "Hana(はな)" being popular enough to be ranked.

For international marriages, or if you want to make it look like a foreign country, a katakana-only name is a good idea.

There are also combinations of hiragana and kanji, such as "Honoka(穂のか)" and "Sayaka(さや香)". If you don't have a hard sounding kanji or don't have a favorite one, why not add hiragana to the list?

Popular Kanji

The most popular kanji characters are those related to flowers and plants with pretty yet straightforward images, such as 菜(na),華(hana),花(hana),桜(sakura),杏(an) and 柚(yuzu).

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Manyo-kana name

Manyo-kana is a style of writing one kanji character for each syllable, such as "Haruna(波留菜)" and "Arisa(亜里沙)".

A guessing game, a method of naming that is used more often for girls than for boys. You seem to be very laid back and generous.

Since many guessing characters are used, such as "Ai(愛)" being read as "A(あ)", it is also suitable for those who want to focus on the sound of the kanji rather than its meaning.

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