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NAZUKE PON ( this service name ) is operated by a Japanese company (QRIO Inc.).
All of our services are free of charge, and there is no need to register to use them.

NAZUKE PON is essentially a practical service that Japanese people actually use to name their babies.
With over 300,000 practical Japanese names, it has the largest number of users in Japan.

We have decided to expand the service that Japanese people use on a daily basis to English speaking countries. We have localized it for the English-speaking world while keeping the quality the same.

In addition to making it easy to find authentic Japanese names, Our Japanese name generator is based on about 30,000 real Japanese surnames, so you can create the world’s most authentic Japanese full name in an instant.

We will continue to add features as needed, so please enjoy! 

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Although we make every effort to provide accurate information, please understand that there is a possibility that incorrect information may be provided due to system and other reasons.

Please do your own research on the meaning and reading of kanji characters before using a name.

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The number of Kanji characters that can be used for Japanese children’s names (both for regular use and for personal names) is 2999 (* as of January 16, 2021).

The following is a list of references on Japanese naming.

Ministry of Justice: Kanji characters for children’s names
Agency for Cultural Affairs: Table of Common Kanji
Ministry of Justice: Table of Kanji for Personal Names
Ministry of Justice: Birth Registration

We try to be as accurate as possible by referring to other public institutions such as local governments and specialized books.

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NAZUKE PON is provided by QRIO Inc.

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Established October, 2012
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