Kanji list that can be read as"shi(し)"

  • Reading ge, ji, ka, kuda, moto, o, o(riru, sa, shi, shimo, shita,

  • To go, think, reach, words referring to a person, thing, or thing, words of the genitive or qualifying character.


    Reading hide, hisa, itaru, ko, kore, kuni, no, nobu, shi, tsuna, yori, yoshi, yu, yuki,

  • Adult male, a man of learning and respectability, a man of distinction in learning or knowledge, a man of official rank, a samurai, a soldier, one who has acquired special qualifications or skills, to serve.

    classic  brave  intelligent 

    Reading aki, akira, hito, koto, mamoru, nori, o, osamu, sachi, samurai, shi, tada, to, tsukasa,

  • Those who carry on the blood of their parents. Children. Those who have not grown up. One who takes care of them. An honorific title or self-description of an adult male. An honorific title for a thinker or philosopher (e.g., monarch, Confucius). Other meanings of compassion or love.

    cute  honest  classic 

    Reading chika, ko, mi, miru, ne, ne, otoko, sane, shi, shige, shigeru, su, tada, taka, tane, toshi, tsugu, yasu,

  • Be yourself.

    Reading mi, shi,

  • Reading ka, moro, naka, sasa, shi, tsuka, yuta,

  • Reading moto, shi, tada, to, todo, todo, tome, tomo, ya, yo,

  • Reading e, shi, uji,

  • Reading ji, manabu, shi, tsuka, tsukamatsu,

  • Reading ko, koma, shi, ta,

  • Reading sen, shi, shime, ura, urana,

  • Tread, document, record, history, history books, a person in charge of keeping records, one who records various events, a samurai historian, a woman, flattering, beautiful.

    intelligent  classic 

    Reading chika, chikashi, fuhito, fumi, funo, hito, ji, mi, sakan, shi,

  • To manage, to administer. Government office, agency. officer, official. to manage,, to administer, to supervise. to visit, to watch over, to see how things are going.

    leader  intelligent  faithful  steady 

    Reading ji, kazu, mori, moto, osamu, shi, su, tsukasa, tsukasado, tsutomu,

  • Reading shi, tada,

  • Reading hiro, mochi, shi, yo, yon, yoっ,

Kanji with shi

name Reading hiragana Pronounce
name Reading hiragana Pronounce
name Reading hiragana Pronounce
shiori しおり
詩乃 shino しの
茉白 mashiro ましろ
汐織 shiori しおり
結心 yushin ゆうしん
詩織 shiori しおり
蒼士 soshi そうし
詩苑 shion しおん
一心 isshin いっしん
栞里 shiori しおり

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